Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Running when it's hot

I haven't blogged for a while, but we've been talking quite a bit about running in hot weather.  Of course, by writing this, I am summoning rain!  Some ideas about how to make running in the heat a bit more enjoyable - please do add your own!

Not taking in enough liquid before, during and after your run makes a big difference.  If you feel sluggish or tired - but without any leg ache or your chest tightening, it may indicate dehydration.  Try and drink more before you run - but I find little & often is more comfortable than downing a pint of water just before running!
Drinking on the run can give you a real boost - especially for longer distances.  Look out for loop shaped water bottles - and some of us have been trying dinky little wrist band water bottles.  Alternatively, stick a couple of pounds in a pocket so you can buy some more liquid en route.
Do drink as soon as you can afterwards - and stay off the alcohol until you're sure you've replenished your body's liquid levels!

A cap or visor can help to keep the sun off your face.  Big sunglasses also help to keep flies and grit out of your eyes - but look out for lighter tints so that you can still see in the shade!
Some runners prefer loose cotton t-shirts - I prefer technical wicking fabrics in the heat that supposedly wick moisture away from your body.
Shorts are fabulous - but if your route has nettles/brambles, capris can be a good compromise!

A must!  Look for "sweat proof" on the label.  Lip balm with SPF can be good too.  Many running tops have cut away arms - don't forget to apply sunscreen to exposed bits on your shoulders and back.

If you can, choose to run when it's cooler and avoid the "mad dogs and english men" midday sun. Early mornings and evenings can be more pleasant.

Routes - choose shade!
I love routes through woodland in blazing sunshine - and I'll opt for the shady side of the road where I can.  If it's extremely hot, take it easy - don't push yourself on speed and simply give yourself a pat on the back for getting off the sofa!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Last week's runs - wc 3rd March

Louise did her first official 10 mile today - with a fantastic time of 1:37:56 (I think!) at the Mad March.  Clare L & I also did the 10 mile option - I was a couple of minutes off my PB at 1:41 & Clare did really well with 1:47.     Tina, Sue, Rachael also did the 10 mile option (will add more names when the results go up).  Jennifer did the hard core 20 mile run along with Simone, Tally & Tanya - popular for those about to do a marathon.

Sian did her first 10K run on Thursday at our Eastleigh 10K Test Run & Jo S knocked a huge 4 mins off her time from the previous week.

Sadly for those of us who found Lakeside/Wide Lane most convenient for parkrun, it is moving to Royal Victoria Country Park from Sat 17th March - it's been too successful, attracting more runner than the venue could handle.  James has done an amazing job to rehome the run as quickly as he has (there were pressing needs as the uni wanted to close Wide Lane for 2 weeks from next week for reseeding).

Don't forget the Track Session on Wed - your last chance this season to work on your speed on an athletics track, coached by the fabulous Pat.  Free and suitable for all of you - no matter what your pace is at present.  Just turn up on the track ready for a 7pm start (warm up at 6:50pm) from 
Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre - Thornhill Road, Bassett, Southampton, United Kingdom, SO16 7AY

We are off around the world again this week.  I started us off from Eastleigh last Jan, keeping a tally of how many of us ran which distances & we got right across Europe & as far as halfway across Turkey before moving house stress had a detrimental effect on my admin!  So we'll be starting from this point from Monday.  Remember all the runs you do with the Eastleigh bit of SRS will count, including RR10 & CC6 events.  So this week, it's "Turkish delight on a moonlit night" - I'll give a box of Turkish Delight to the first person who tells me what song this is a quote from!

Beginners do their final run this week before they graduate to the improvers with a 30 minute run.

Mon 7pm - 6.39km in 41:16, 529 cals
Mon 8pm - nobody came!
Tue 7pm 6.7km in 46:40, 544 cals
Tue 8pm 3.93km in 30:49, 292 cals
Thursday 7pm 10.0km in 67:47, 833 cals

Week 10 Beginners
Warm up, run for 30 minutes, cool down & then stretch.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Runs wc 27th Feb

Congratulations to Jo S - she completed her first 10K on Thursday at our first Eastleigh 10K test run.  Everyone did really well and I'm looking forward to this week's test run.  And well done to Sian - 29:13 at yesterday's parkrun, a new PB for her.

The mud was so thick in today's CC6 that my shoe came off at one point!  Still, Louise, Gail, Claire D, Jayne, Tanya, me and Pat manged not to slip over - take a look at the photos if you want to see just how muddy!  I've only managed 2 of the CC6s this season - but they have been great fun - and free.  Hope lots of us feel like taking part in the RR10s - similar courses but on Wednesday evenings.

Update on a bit of an incident on Monday 7pm run - we have subsequently discovered that the man we passed was passed out drunk - so not as scary as we thought!

Date for the diary - on Wed 14th, Pat will be organising a track session - a great opportunity to work on your speed.

Mon 7pm 7.20km in 46:55. 589 calories
Mon 8pm 4.58km in 33:43, 363 calories
Tue 7pm 5.00km in 38:49, 358 calories
Tue 8pm Beginners 3.27km in 32:34, 197 calories
Thursday's 10K Test Run 10km in 71mins, 815 calories

Week 9 Beginners
So easy to explain: run for 15 minutes, take 1 walking break, run for another 15 minutes.